Waterloo Regional Police Partner with Pop star

The Waterloo Regional Police develop an innovative anti-drug strategy where the youth of the community develop our anti-drug messaging. We also partnered with pop star Nate Hall who became an advocate and spokesperson for the contest, the police and  healthy choice decisions.

Here is a short video on why the contest was developed and its results.

Sarah Bernardo  of Waterloo won best song with this  original tune

Richard Holmes BMX Free Ride with message earned him first prize in the Best Video category

Nate Hall

The War on Drugs and other Disasters

The War on Drugs and other Disasters

A new theory on how police are not in  the War on Drugs and never have been and an  alternative solution.

An Ignite Waterloo talk by Gary Askin at the Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, June 12/2012.


“When did the neighbourhod cop become the soldier”

Waterloo Regional Police Service use innovation and creativity to trap 3 killers

As reported in The Record, the WRPS utilized some incredibly innovative and creative skills to ensnare the three  killers of Nadia Gehl.

The police were even commended by two of the three defense lawyers.

Here’s their story…..

TheRecord – Laying the trap to catch Nadia Gehl’s killers.

First Follower Leadership in Moneyball

There is a scene in the  Brad Pitt movie,  Moneyball where Billy Beane (Pitt)  is being offered a huge contract from Boston Red Socks owner John Henry. Henry is describing how Billy Beane revolutionized the game of baseball and demonstrated incredible success yet still faced intense criticism from his peers and  the media.

John Henry –“I know you’ve taken it in the teeth out there, but the first guy through the wall. It always gets bloody, always. It’s the threat and not just the way of doing business, but in their minds it’s threatening the game. But really what it’s threatening is their livelihoods, it’s threatening their jobs, it’s threatening the way that they do things. And every time that happens, whether it’s the government or a way of doing business or whatever it is, the people are holding the reins, have their hands on the switch. They will bet you’re crazy.”

I thought about this scene when my friend and part time super model, Kim Hodgson sent me this  video.

Titled “First Follower Leadership Lesson from Dancing Guy”  The video illustrates just how important the first guy through the wall is to the leadership dynamic.  Click on this link  and take a minute to see this video-


Here are some lessons from the Dancing Guy Vid;

1) Leaders must be easy to follow and embrace the first followers

2) First followers are under-appreciated- it takes guts to be a first .  The leader is nothing without his first follower.  One is the flint the other the spark.

4) It becomes about the followers not the leader

5) The  first followers must be seen because the new followers are following them -not the leader

6) This creates momentum and a movement.  Others can join the crowd without fear of riducule

7) Leadership is over glorified. Its the first follower that transforms the “nut” and creates the movement

Whether your a crazy dancing guy or Brad Pitt ,  Leaders of all types who are comfortable in their own skin, approachable and embrace their followers  -shouldn’t be afraid to assume some risks, look silly or venture into uncharted territory. Be prepared to get bumped and bruised along the way and remember- the leader doesn’t exist without the first follower.

– gary askin

New Jersey Devils Coach Peter Deboer teaches a cop a few things

Coaching our Staff for Success

by Waterloo Regional Police Service

Superintendent  Gary Askin



Have you ever wondered what makes a National Hockey League coach successful? Several years ago a friend of mine decided to find that out and spent a few days job shadowing an NHL coach. His purpose was to examine the coach’s leadership style and to determine what made him a successful coach. When he told me about his experience it struck me that our own community must be full of leaders that we can learn from.

Learning outside of formal police institutions and within our own community has many benefits. It meets our organizational goals and values as they pertain to staff development, partnerships, teamwork, and excellence, while injecting a police presence into the community.  I decided to put this into action.

Some say growth only occurs while operating outside your comfort zone, so with this in mind I decided to select a local leader with whom I’ve had no previous connection. I wanted to determine what challenges they faced, what leadership skills they utilized, and whether those skills were transferable to policing.

Before moving onto New Jersey, Peter Deboer was the coach of the Kitchener Rangers Ontario Hockey League team. Peter was one of the most successful coaches in the OHL and now ranks fifth in wins among all coaches. He has won the Memorial Cup, a gold medal with the Team Canada Juniors and has been named coach of the year twice. He is recognized as one of the OHL’s elite and is now coaching the Devils in the playoffs.

Armed with 200 interview-style questions and a digital recorder I met Peter at the Kitchener Rangers head office. From the moment I walked into his office Peter was gracious and receptive. We spent several hours talking about his career, motivation, development, and the challenges he has faced as a coach. Continue reading

Compronet-using Twitter to report and dispatch?

Fascinating, innovative and powerful software being developed in the Netherlands will be a game changer for cops and the public.  This takes crowd sourcing and citizen engagement to a new level.  The video speaks for itself.